We have maintained our prices for many years, but regrettably had to make a small increase to cover rising costs and implement a £50 security bond for every hire.


10ft x 5ft 6ft

Weight Limit: 2 Tonne Carry Capacity

£45.00 Per Day

Car Transporter

16.5ft x 6.9ft

Weight Limit: 3 Tonne Gross Capacity

£55.00 Per Day

Bike Transporter

Suitable for most types of bike
Call for specific dimensions

£35.00 Per Day


At Hucknall Van Hire we have more than 20 years experience in the trailer hire industry and we are renowned for our reliable and trustworthy approach. Operating throughout Hucknall, Nottingham and the East Midlands we have many satisfied clients and we can be relied upon to deliver excellent customer service.

If you are looking for a trailer to hire then here are a few things to think about; how to match the vehicle to the trailer, the legal requirements, getting the right trailer for the job and thinking about securely and safely loading the trailer so you and the cargo can be transported safely.

It’s important to match the correct type of hire trailer to the right car or van because it is crucial that the vehicle you are using has the required power to pull the trailer. Even more important than checking if the vehicle you are using is strong enough to pull the trailer is if the brakes are good enough to stop it.

At Hucknall Van Hire you can get a car transporter trailer for hire that has a 3 tonne gross capacity. You will need to find out what the towing capacity of your car is as it is illegal to exceed the gross weight allowed for the vehicle. If in doubt, look in your car’s handbook or check the VIN plate – the information is usually there.

It may mean that you need to go for a van and trailer hire as small cars will often have difficulty with hill starts.

Never towed before?

If you have never towed a trailer before then you need to be aware of the extra stopping distances required and drive accordingly. With the length of your vehicle potentially being more than double its normal length, cornering, islands, junctions and overtaking should be done with more care.

To ensure safety, you are responsible to make sure that hire trailers have the load distributed evenly. If you have all the weight at the front or the back it can be dangerous. The coupling height needs to be correct, otherwise the nose can be pointing up or down.

You should also double check that the tyre pressures are sufficient and there are no cuts on the sidewalls of the tyres.

We have all heard the phrase “it fell of the back of a lorry”. That phrase originates from the fact that an awful lot of goods in transit do fall off trucks and trailers because the goods in transit are not secured correctly. So, before setting off, make sure that the jockey wheel is completely wound up and totally secure.

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At Hucknall Van Hire we supply trailers that are in tip top working order. We are well respected when it comes to trailer hire in Nottingham and we always supply great trailers at cost effective prices. If you have any questions about our trailer hire services and you need advice about loading etc then we are more than happy to help. Contact us now and speak to one of our friendly and helpful team.