OK, so you are looking for Cheap Van Hire and this should be easy to find right? Well, yes you can find a cheap hire van but is it any good and are there any restrictions or “extras” that will be added on?

We have all tried to book cheap aeroplane tickets because the advertised price was so enticing but by the time all the extras are added on to the cost it really doesn’t look such a great deal after all.

Here at Hucknall Van Hire, we offer truly cheap vans to hire at unbeatable prices.

Things to consider:

Before deciding on a cheap van for hire just checkout some of the things you should be aware of prior to booking.

Decide carefully prior to even starting to get cheap van rental in Nottingham how big the items are you need to carry in the van and what the weight is. There is nothing worse than thinking you have the cheapest van hire possible only to find that the van you have hired isn’t up to the job.

Size of van is crucial as you may waste money hiring a bigger van than you actually needed or paying for 2 days when you actually managed to move everything much quicker than you thought.

Also, people sometimes get a cheap van to hire only to find it is too small and they have to make loads of extra trips and end up asking to have the van for an extra day or two.

So, plan the size and weight of what you need the van for carefully so you can save time and money by getting the right cheap van hire in Nottingham.

Not only do vans vary in size but you can also get them with the “Luton” body style which is the one with the load compartment that goes above the cab for extra load space.  Just a word of warning though, make sure you are aware of the height of the van in case you have to go under a very low bridge or through a drive through fast food outlet!

Can you kill two birds with one stone to save money? Ask your friends and family if they need anything moving or fetching as they could help split the cost.

Give some thought when looking for a cheap van to hire and ensure that you are comparing prices for the same size and style of van or you will not truly be getting the right comparison for prices.

Fuel policies and limited or unlimited mileage deals could potentially mean that cheap van hire UK prices vary a great deal.

Make sure you bring your driving licence when you arrive to collect the van and you will need a credit card for payment of the fees and any deposit.  Most cheap van hire Nottingham suppliers will want to see an up to date utility bill as proof of address before allowing you to take the van

Always look over the van before you take it away and get someone from the hire firm to check it over and sign to say it’s all OK before you drop it off. Otherwise, very cheap van hire can become expensive if you are charged an excess for damage that you were not responsible for.

So remember, for Cheap Van hire in Nottingham UK, always make Hucknall Van Hire your first call. Contact us today.