When you are thinking about hiring a van there are many things to consider. First and foremost in most people’s minds is the price of course and here we aim to give you some pointers on things to take into account when comparing prices and advice for getting cheap van hire.
If you are moving house or just clearing clutter from your home and taking it to the tip, then getting a self-drive van hire is the most cost effective method if you’re planning to do this yourself.

You should consider the advantages of fixed prices versus a specialised quote and give some thought to exactly how long you will need the van for. It is a waste to hire a van for too long a time and end up with it just sitting on the drive for the last day of the hire period. By the same token, if you underestimate how long you need it for that will also cause problems unless you can get a good daily rate with an extendible hire term.

Get the right van

Hiring a van that is way bigger than you need is just going to waste your money so think about what it is you are transporting. A Ford Transit van is always a popular choice as they are available at great prices, are easy to drive and offer more than enough load capacity for most reasons that the average person needs a van for. It will easily take fridges, wardrobes, and sofas and the fuel economy is very good due to the excellent Ford diesel engines.

You may also want to consider the body type of the van. The Luton style box van or a long wheelbase van might be more suitable for your needs. You will generally pay more for this type of van and also if you need one with a tail lift.

Get the Best Van Hire Prices

Don’t be afraid to ask the hire company what they charge, what that includes with the standard price and what, if any. optional extras they offer.

Some firms only allow a maximum of 100 miles per day in the hire vehicle so if you need more, look for someone who will allow up to 200 miles per day if you think there is a chance you will do more than a hundred. Otherwise you could be charged for going over 100 miles per day during the hire period. Any additional miles can be charged on a per mile basis so it’s best to know that facts before you decide to do Lands’ End to John O’Groats on a whim!

It’s always worth checking to see if the van hire company has any special offers on or special rates over the weekends.

Choosing a van hire company that offers an empty to empty policy saves you headaches as you don’t have to worry about paying fuel charge penalties for not bringing the van back full.

A useful service to look out for is if the van-hire company offers a collection and drop off service as this can help with the logistics. Dropping the van off is easy but how do you then get home? These are all things that you need to consider.

If you have any more questions about cheap van hire, then please contact us now. We would be happy to help.